Wit’s End Life is an experiment in sharing my connection to the Appalachian Mountains. More specifically, Wit’s End, a 20 acre plot of land at the end of the western Blue Ridge in north Georgia is the prism through which I know creation and therefore, the Creator. For more than 20 years I have been working with the plot of land, hopefully with a sense of stewardship as it’s owner. I am definitely making my mark. My goal all along has been to enhance its natural beauty and verdant qualities. Along the way I also decided that I wanted to share this special place with friends and increasingly with with anyone and everyone who wishes to gain an appreciation for the uniquenesses of this place. While, I really want people to come and enjoy it in person, I am coming to believe that social media is a wonderful way to share this place in other ways. As I study it and get to know it better through the years, Wit’s End stirs within me a sense of awe and wonder. As a caretaker of this place, I also feel a profound sense of care and responsibility for the land’s health and wellbeing both now and for the future.